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Everyone has their demons.

5 May
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Kurama is Sexy Love

*waves estatically* He-llo! ~ My name is Shuuichi. I'm 23, a senior in college, and am a female (just in case you were curious.)

I'm an Art Practices major, who is minoring in Japanese and Philosophy.

Drawing, writing, anime/manga is basically what my life consists of when you don't factor into the time I put in for school. My favorite series of all time is Yuu Yuu Hakusho - But I'm into other stuff too. :3

Check out my interests below and find out if we have anything in common. If we do, feel free to add me. :3 (But if it's not too much trouble, please comment on this entry and let me know you're adding me/have added me so I know. Thank you~!)

Forever Fornever
[ Yu◊Yu◊Hakusho ‡‡ I claimed Kurama ]

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